Nick Zarzycki

Nick Zarzycki

I am Nick Zarzycki, a writer and editor working in Toronto, Canada. Maybe you've read about my projects here:


Here are some of them:



In September of 2016 I founded Gawken, a satirical science and technology publication. Under the editorship of a fictional Silicon Valley entrepreneur and his fridge, Gawken occasionally publishes content.

Press: A.V. Club, Mashable, Huffington Post

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Canadaland Book

In 2016 I co-authored the bestselling Canadaland Guide to Canada (Simon & Schuster), a funny joke book about Canada from Canadaland, Canada's most popular podcast.

Press: People Magazine, Entertainment Weekly


The Syrup Trap

In 2013 I launched a satire and humour magazine called the Syrup Trap. Since then, the Syrup Trap has published hundreds of pieces of news satire and short fiction, cartoons, video sketches, a podcast, a print edition in collaboration with Geist, and a Christmas album where the only lyrics are the words "o Christmas tree" over and over again. More than 1 out of every 16 Canadians has visited the Syrup Trap's website!

Press: Globe & Mail, CBC




I have freelanced as a content writer and designer for Brown University, the University of British ColumbiaNew District, and more. In 2016 I wrote a monthly humour column for Vancouver Magazine.


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